kobeKOBE BRYANT: Chasing Perfection

"Check the résumé—it’s absolutely impeccable. A 6'6" shooting guard with limitless physical tools, a hell-bent perfectionist, Kobe Bryant works tirelessly to condition his body and enhance his game. He’s fearless in the clutch, voraciously competitive, and serious to the point of bleakness..." VIEW PAGESline
duncanTIM DUNCAN: Mechanical Gothic

"Tim Duncan proves that absence of style can be style in and of itself, a paradox that defines his daily actions and decisions. Duncan is a figure seemingly birthed from Mount Rushmore’s granite façade, yet his movement is fluid. He faces up to his opponents with the saucer-like eyes of a German shepherd, yet with his..." VIEW PAGESlinearenas
The Court is a Carnival

"Gilbert Arenas is the NBA’s court jester, a font of outrageous utterances and unfathomable behavior. But
even if he weren’t an inveterate ham, he’d still be one of
the NBA’s most peculiar creatures. The Washington
Wizards guard has earned a reputation for outlandish pranks, Byzantine rituals..." 
VIEW PAGESlineamare
Prodigal Sun

"There are no second acts in American lives. We all get
fifteen minutes of fame. It’s better to burn out than to fade
away. Only the good die young. These are the clichés Amare Stoudemire stewed in for all but two games of the 2005–06 season, as he recovered from a knee injury. His last real action had come in the...."
Effortless Agony

"The career of Tracy McGrady will be forever tinged with
disappointment. T-Mac is a seven-time All-Star, two-time
scoring champ, and one of the game’s most sublime offensive fo
rces. Yet many maintain that he’s fallen short of his initial promise. And while McGrady has frequently played on winning teams, his playoff track record is a study in Sisyphean despair..." VIEW PAGESlinemayors

"Marion Barry. Buddy Cianci. Sharpe James. Frank Rizzo. These names may be tarnished today, but there’s no denying the sway they once held over the citizenry of DC, Providence, Newark, and Philly. Local politics don’t
just decide leadership; they let a populace decide what they stand for, what their Facebook profiles should look like. There’s a direct line from the hearts and minds of the people to these elected officials..."
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